I have written a blog….FINALLY!!!!

Hello Readers,

I think my New Years Resolution should have been keeping up on writing my blogs….because man I have been a stinker in doing them! I mean it’s not like I’ve been busy or anything?? BUT, today I have a day off (thank you Martin Luther King Day) so I told myself that I was going to grab a cup of coffee (obviously) and sit down and write a blog. First of all, writing a blog is super relaxing AND today the high is below zero so I couldn’t think of a better way I would want to be spending my afternoon.

I love writing my blog.

I love writing my blog.

Life has been absolutely CRAZY lately, but I love it! I just got back from Las Vegas a week ago. I went down there to watch my beautiful friend, this year’s Miss North Dakota, Rosie Sauvageau, compete for Miss America! She rocked that stage and won preliminary talent!! WOW! It was so cool to be there and watch her perform…it’s crazy to think that this is the first time something like that had happened since the 80’s. She represented North Dakota with beauty and grace. The next Miss North Dakota has big shoes to fill…so proud of you Rosie! Wooohooo!

Rosie after final night

Rosie after final night

While in Vegas I also got some awesome bonding time with my sister, Laura. I could not think of any other person I would have wanted to be with for Miss America. She is one of my biggest role models and I look up to her so much. Thank you for putting up with me trying on all of those pageant dresses, and for listening to me complain about walking miles upon miles in high heels. I think we will both agree that our feet are glad to be back home. However, I also think that we would both go back in a heart beat if the opportunity came up.

My sister..love her!

My sister..love her!

At the musical, "Rock of Ages" ....so fun!

At the musical, “Rock of Ages” ….so fun!

In addition to getting to spend time with my “real” sister…I also got to spend time with some of my Sweetheart sisters from the pageant in Hoopeston. You could’ve sworn that we had just seen each other the day before because nothing had changed! Those girls are a blast and I know that a future Miss America is among one of us.

Sweetheart Sisters :)

Sweetheart Sisters 🙂

My mind may still be on Vegas but my heart will always be in North Dakota. Although Vegas was a blast there is definitely no place like home….even though it’s really hard to say this because it’s freezing here today. I cannot think of any other state I would want to represent at a national level. North Dakota has a great economy, friendly people, hard work ethic, and a whole lot pride! I love being able to say that I am from North Dakota 🙂

Proud to be Miss Red River Valley

Proud to be Miss Red River Valley

Alright alright, time to venture back out into the cold…wish me luck! I promise that my blogging will become better now that the semester has started again and my schedule is a little more organized.

Tough girls run outside in the winter :) brrrrr!

Tough girls run outside in the winter 🙂 brrrrr!

Hope you have a great day AND stay warm!!!


Becca Lebak

Miss Red River Valley

About Becca Lebak

I am a sister, artist, role model, student (mass communications major), actress, Miss North Dakota contestant, was Miss North Dakota's Outstanding Teen, leader, and friend.
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