Helloooo Chicago, my ideal spot to relax before the Sweetheart Pageant

Hello readers!

Well usually when I write this blog I am sitting a coffee shop of some sort (actually more like every time I write a blog I am sitting in a coffee shop….I have a coffee problem and I’m not afraid to admit it, but that’s another blog). BUT tonight I am actually writing this blog in the room of my “now 7 year old” niece. I say now 7 years old because it was just her birthday yesterday! Can you believe it…I have been lucky enough to be the aunty of this amazing girl for 7 years already! Wow! I am tucking in my little princess right now…which really means I am keeping her company until she falls asleep. This could be a while 🙂

Bed time

However I don’t really mind….I cherish every moment I have with my niece and nephew. They are the loves of my life! Erika, my niece, actually had her birthday party today and man oh man,  it was a great party! About a dozen girls showed up and they decorated shirts, picture frames, and bags. My sister is the best birthday planner ever (I would know….she planned a good handful of mine back in the day). Every girl in that room reminded me a little bit of what I was like when I was little. I can’t wait to see what they become some day…future politicians, doctors, lawyers, Miss Americas..ect. I know they will do great things!

The Birthday Girl

My nephew, James (wearing Erika’s crown)

The Big Hoopeston Pageant starts tomorrow….wooohooo! It’s something that I have been looking forward to all summer. I am so excited about meeting everyone and getting things started. I will try to write a blog every night to keep you up to date on how the week is going. Hoopeston has no idea what’s heading it’s way…..let’s do this!

I love my family ❤


Talk to you soon, XOXO

Becca Lebak

Miss Oil Country/Miss North Dakota Sweetheart Contestant

About Becca Lebak

I am a sister, artist, role model, student (mass communications major), actress, Miss North Dakota contestant, was Miss North Dakota's Outstanding Teen, leader, and friend.
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