T-minus 9 days till I leave for the Sweetheart Pageant!

Hello Readers!

Man oh man oh man….can you say time flies when you are having fun!? And, well, umm….working? 🙂 I leave for the SWEETHEART PAGEANT in just about a week and a half. Woohooo! At first I was a little nervous about the pageant sneaking up on me, but I’ve noticed as the summer has gone on, all of the hard work and preparation that I did before the Miss North Dakota pageant has just kept up with me.

Always time for goofy faces!

For any of you who are thinking about competing in a pageant (which all of you females and maybe males reading this should be thinking!!)….there are just a few things I like to do before I leave for a competition. I like to feel healthy, relaxed, and knowledgable. See 3 simple things, that’s all!

Healthy—-> Anyone who knows me, knows I am a running fool. That is my time. I saw this quote on Pinterest that said “running…it’s a lot cheaper than therapy” (or something like that). AND I couldn’t agree more. In addition to running I TRY to do some abs and push ups and a few other exercises. I’ve also started to become more interested in Yoga. Some of those moves can kick my butt! In addition to working out I TRY to eat a well balanced diet (key word…TRY). I’m a huge fan of veggies…but every now and than those treats from Moxie Java call my name and I have to give in.

Yes, I did make this salad! Woohoo

Relaxed—-> I think I am most relaxed when I feel prepared. Right now I feel great about my talent, evening wear, and swim suit. And sometimes even if I don’t feel 100% about something…I fake it! If you have confidence, let it shine! People will look at you differently and you will be able to find your “inner noodle” and relax.

Knowledgable—-> Working at a TV station has been a HUGE help when it comes to competing in pageants. I know everything that is going on in the state and across the country. But when competing in a pageant it’s not only about knowing what’s going on in the world, it’s about having an opinion on what’s happening. I would consider myself very blessed because my parents LOVE to talk about politics, world events ect…They have allowed me to form my own opinions and sometimes it makes for great arguments!

Soo there you go…my 3 simple “becca-isms” that I like to focus on before I leave for a competition. Now I have 9 more days to perfect them even more! I think I will start right now. At a coffee shop (of course)….by sipping on my lite mocha and relaxing. Ahhh this is the life 🙂

My yummy lite mocha


Becca Lebak

Miss Oil Country/Will be Miss North Dakota Sweetheart contestant

About Becca Lebak

I am a sister, artist, role model, student (mass communications major), actress, Miss North Dakota contestant, was Miss North Dakota's Outstanding Teen, leader, and friend.
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