“Dig it, uh, oh, oh, Dig it.” -Holes

Hello Readers!

Alright, almost any person who was born in the 90’s has seen the Disney classic “Holes”….well my family actually got to live it this last weekend! This was the first time my whole family and I have gotten together all summer!

My brother and niece and me

The weekend started with my sister and niece arriving EARLY in the morning Friday where we all jam packed ourselves into my parent’s convertible and took off for home. Despite having little leg/arm room I slept like a rock for a majority of the ride home. BUT the day didn’t stop there….after arriving at “home sweet home” I had to quickly get ready because my sister and I had hair appointments. I’m sure many of you will agree, but doesn’t getting your hair done just feel awesome!? The rest of the night was dedicated to relaxation, rest, and catching up with family. AND I got to see my absolutely amazing boyfriend! (I feel like every time he comes over to my house, my dad just likes to feed him…that night is was 2 BLT’s and pie). My dad played football way back in the day so I’m sure he understands the appetite of hard working man.

My “early morning smile” in the packed convertible

The next morning we hit the road EARLY again! (Are you starting to see the trend of the word early?…I am). We drove up to my grandma’s hometown of Alexander, ND. She used to manage a museum up there for years! This was the first time I had probably been in the museum since I was 10, but it was still the same. The smell, the look, and I still think it looks haunted…but it was all still the same. AND something really cool was that when I was in 4th grade I brought up my ND studies project up to the museum where my grandma put it on display…..and it was still there! How cool is that? I can officially say that I have something in a museum. I mean..I guess I am kind of a big deal :). After searching through the museum we explored my grandma’s old land and went metal detecting! It was hotter than a pistol out there but we still had fun searching through the old school house outhouse and finding nails and others bits and pieces out in the field. Driving around the Western side of the state is so interesting….there is so much history, BUT also so much growth! North Dakota has a great thing going on right now, but I can only pray that we hold on to our past and restore it. The beauty is priceless.

I’m famous πŸ™‚

Metal Detecting

After getting a few hours of sleep at the hotel we woke up EARLY again….but this time it was for the Fossil Dig. We learned about the fossils over an awesome breakfast in Medora and than we took a van out into the Badlands. Everyone in my group found fossils….my brother and Nick found the most. Nick found 4 teeth (I’m just a little jealous), and my brother found huge fossilized fish bones and a bird bone. I on the other hand….found fossilized alligator poop. But I was still super excited to find that! The dig was so cool and interesting. Who would have thought that North Dakota was once filled with swamps and alligators?

Out digging for fossils

But now it’s back to reality time for me. School starts in about a month and I leave for the National Sweetheart Pageant in about 3 weeks! Yay! I would like to say thank you to all of my family who made this last weekend one that I will never forget. I know at times everyone got a little snappy (probably from the heat and being stuck in a mini van for hours)….but we still had a ton of fun! AND a huge thank you to Nick. I am so glad that you came along with my family and I for this trip. I’m sure you probably think my family is crazy and you definitely got to know everyone A LOT better….but I would not have wanted to share this experience with anyone else. You are the most amazing man and I am so so soooo lucky to have you in my life! I love all of you guys!

World’s best boyfriend = this man right here

Keep reading my blogs to see how my preparation for the Sweetheart Pageant is going! As always, if you have any advice or words of encouragement I would LOVE to hear them! Talk to you soon!

Drinking coffee and writing this blog πŸ™‚


Becca Lebak

Miss Oil Country

About Becca Lebak

I am a sister, artist, role model, student (mass communications major), actress, Miss North Dakota contestant, was Miss North Dakota's Outstanding Teen, leader, and friend.
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