Finishing up my Sweetheart Pageant paperwork!

Hello Readers!

I feel like I was just at a coffee shop working on my Miss North Dakota paperwork….and now I am at it once again, but this time it is for the National Sweetheart Pageant held in Hoopeston, IL. Woop woop! However, doing paperwork for this pageant is soo much more relaxing. Although it is a competition…it is mostly just for fun. I can’t wait to meet all of the other girls from across the country and just absorb as much of the experience as possible.

The many faces of doing pageant paperwork.

If you want to learn more about the pageant check out this website It is such a cool organization!

Sorry this blog is short and sweet but I have a lot to do today before work….I mean wash the car, feed the pig, pay taxes (if you’ve ever seen the movie Christmas Vacation, you will think that was funny). But actually my whole family and I are going on a Dinosaur Dig this weekend in Medora. Can you say F-U-N! I am super excited :). BUT that means I have a million and one things to do before I leave. So…it’s time to get crackin!

Talking to my sister about our Dino Dig!

Keep reading my blog to see how my preparation for the Sweetheart Pageant is going! Talk to you soon!


Becca Lebak

Miss Oil Country

About Becca Lebak

I am a sister, artist, role model, student (mass communications major), actress, Miss North Dakota contestant, was Miss North Dakota's Outstanding Teen, leader, and friend.
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