Half Marathon, Voice Recital, and you know what comes next…..Woohoo!

Hello Readers!

As Dorothy once said in the Wizard of Oz…”there’s no place like home”, and I could not agree with her more. This last week has been absolutely nuts with the half marathon, voice recital, and work. Plus I leave for Miss North Dakota in approximately 9 days! AHHHHHHH!  So needless to say, being home right now feels AMAZING, even if it is only for a day or two!

Relaxing at Home :)

Relaxing at Home 🙂

But as for the half marathon…I have big news! I beat my time from last year by 15 minuets! Can you say wow!!? I finished in 1 hour and 41 minuets. I was extremely happy with the way the race turned out. I was also happy that I got to share the experience with my mom. She was my loudest cheerleader and best photographer. (She even tried to run next to me for a while to get a good picture….but that didn’t exactly work out) :). I love you mom and thank you for everything! Maybe next year I will do the full marathon, I mean you need to dream big right!?

The day after the half marathon I had a voice recital where I was able to show off my talent piece before Miss North Dakota. It was fantastic getting to sing in front of an audience and hear their feedback. The other vocalists at the recital did amazing too! Thank you Robin Allebach for all of your continuous support and love. I can truly say I would not be the vocalist I am today without all of your help these last few months. You are a rockstar!

Well the countdown is underway. I have about one more week to put in those final practices of my talent, get my hair and nails done, do mock interviews, pack, and prepare. I am going to ready mentally and physically. Let’s do this baby!


Becca Lebak

Miss Oil Country

About Becca Lebak

I am a sister, artist, role model, student (mass communications major), actress, Miss North Dakota contestant, was Miss North Dakota's Outstanding Teen, leader, and friend.
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